Sustainable Flower Mechanics

In a recent blog I mentioned the variety of mechanics that can be used for flower arrangements and displays without using floral foam.

First of all, I hear you ask, why is floral foam bad?  The simplest way to explain is this:  Floral foam is contributing to the growing crisis of plastic of pollution. … In reality, it’s made from synthetic, non-recyclable plastic and is created using a combination of carbon black, formaldehyde and phenolic foam, which are all toxic. This is taken from

So there you have it.  This stuff is truly bad for the environment as well as us!  Its popular because it is able to help provide structure whilst hydrating your flowers. It also saves alot of time in putting together some of the alternatives.

Something that is making a come back from yonder years in floristry is that of the floral frog.  This is a brilliant, simple little tool. Its effectively an upside down metal pin cushion. Its pretty heavy so stays in place well. This works well for a more structured and large floral vase arrangement.  The stems stand in place as they are basically pinned in place.

Another brilliant option is chicken wire.  Yes you heard me correctly. Chicken  wire!

This simple product is flexible enough to be moulded into the shape you need, but sturdy enough that you can use the holes to provide the structure required. Within the chicken wire you can use wet moss to hydrate your stems or you can use jars or tubes with water concealed under the arrangement to do this.

Sometimes its a little more difficult if you have a large structure, however the same principle would apply, just a bit more effort required.  I have created hanging arrangements with chicken wire and tubes. It worked perfectly.

Another good item is the Holly Chapel egg.  This is plastic. However, it is not single use and can be used over an over.  You don’t even have to buy one of these you can make them out of chicken wire.  These are fantastic for large oversized wedding bouquets. Traditionally florists have used a foam bouquet holder. There is just no need.  If your flowers are conditioned correctly and well they will last and still look beautiful well into the honeymoon! Conditioning is the process whereby you hydrate and care for the flowers before you work with them.  Cutting stems, removing excess leaves, have them sit in deep water for a day before or at least 4\5 hours before working with them. This ensures the flowers are firm to work with and in their best condition as well hydrated.

You can basically create anything out of so many different materials. You just need to get a little creative. In the long run, it helps the environment.   Within the floristry world foam is starting to be less and less attractive to use and its wonderful to see so many florists starting to be more mindful of this.   One thing is for sure, if you boked me for an event or wedding, you wont see it in my arrangements.

Holly Chapel Egg

Metal floral frog

This bridal bouquet had an egg as it was very heavy and oversized. The egg worked perfectly

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