Support local business

Did you know that if each of us spent £100 more a year on local business instead of chain stores, it would put an extra £3 million a year into our economy and it would create thousands more jobs every year? 

Below is a small directory of business that I have used in regards to my business and recommend.


I have on a few occasions used and most recently for the bridal photos on this website. They are based in Kent and are available for most types of photography.


When collaborating on photo shoots, I have used Emily Fermor. She is a pleasure to work with and very professional. She features in pictures on my website showcasing some of my wedding flowers.  Her contact details:

Wedding gowns has a selection of beautiful wedding dresses in a gorgeous setting in the Kent countryside. They have a great selection to suit various types of budgets.

Website and marketing

To create a website I am very proud of, I used MBM&Co. 

The whole process was done with a lot of ease and these guys know what they are doing! I have also used them for producing marketing and promotional materials for my business!  These guys are based in Canterbury, Kent.

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