So I have always wanted to write a blog, but when it has come down to the actual process,  I have been a little stumped at what to write! Typical really.

However, I thought I dont need to try be profound and write an essay of some sort. So, rather I am just going to let you into my world a little.

Life has been pretty tough the last few months as has it been for just about everyone on the planet. Its also been weirdly comforting. I have loved having my husband working from home. Its been nice to have the kids at home, even though a little a trying at times. We have learnt how to be tolerant and patient with each and enjoy each others company more.  Home schooling for me has been a major challenge as its absolutely not a natural course I would normally take.  We have bumbled along though and got through it.

During the first few weeks of lockdown, I stopped all my business to comply with the law and keep my family safe.  While I wasn’t activley creating bouquets and arrangements  with physical flowers, I still had a lot whirring around in my head about the business side of things.  When I started my business a year ago, my goal was to be as sustainable as possible. This meant from what my flowers are wrapped in to where they come from.

I have right from the start not used Floral Foam as this is classed as a single use plastic and many studies have shown how bad it is for the environment, especially when this get into our water ways and oceans. It has a terribly harmful effect animals and sea creatures. So this for me has always been a big no no!  There are so many alternatives, however I will leave that for another blog, another day.

My biggest let down before lockdown was where I got my flowers from.  I have always ordered my flowers through a Dutch wholesaler. I mean, flowers are flowers right?  Yes and no, as beautiful as they may be, the Dutch flowers or Fairtrade flowers from Kenya for example come with a bit of baggage.  As in the air and road miles they travel leaving a big carbon footprint behind. They are also grown with various pesticides and hormones to ensure longevity.  Anyway, lockdown made me really access if this is how I still want to buy my flowers, I mean needs must at times and there is nothing wrong with that. For me though, I live in a place where there are around 6 Flower Growers in a decent radius.  So, when lockdown eased a little I took the plunge and decided to only get flowers from these growers while the season of Spring and Summer produces amazing quantity and variety.  So my goal has been where I can get British flower in season, I will. I have to say this has also changed a little of how I feel when curating a bouquet or arrangement. I get so much more pleasure from it as I know who grew those flowers and exactly which bit of land they grew on.  Plus a big thing for me, is supporting another small business.

So when it comes to my packaging, there is no plastic.  I only use materials that will compost down where it be in the rubbish heap or in your compost. I think floristry as a whole is becoming more conscience about these things as they should.   I will focus another blog another day on the various types of mechanics you can use as a more eco friendly alternative than foam.  Its  amazing how creative you can be with this.

So with all that I have just said, I am by no means perfect.  I will in certain aspects of my work need to use a Dutch wholesaler for flowers, however I will first always endeavour to source a British alternative.  I do believe though that my business is defiantly as conscience and as sustainable as it can be.  It will I am sure evolve more and more as time goes by – for the better.  I also think when you support small business near you or afar, you learn off of each other. I also find Instagram a great source of inspiration especially from fellow florists.  Its a wonderful platform to be able to learn and gain inspiration.

I would love to hear how you are sustainable in your business or home.

Pictures are all flowers from local flower growers in Kent

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